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Inauguration of the commemorative plaque Mahatma Gandhi at Mahamasina

Posted on: August 26, 2019 | Back | Print

            On the occasion of celebration of 150th Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Embassy of India in collaboration of the Municipality of Antananarivo organized an event of inauguration of the commemorative plaque Mahatma Gandhi Road. The road was named after Mahatma Gandhi in 1969.

The Ambassador of India, HEM. Abhay Kumar and the Mayor of Antanarivo City, Mrs Lalao Ravalomanana inaugurated the restored commemorative plaque today.

Mahatma Gandhi, fondly called ‘Bapu’ (father), was born on 2nd October 1969. He played a key role in India’s Independence movement and is known as the father of the nation of India. His birthday, 2nd October is also celebrated as the International Day of non-violence.

His principles of non-violence, civil-disobedience and satyagarha also inspired leaders in Africa in their struggle for decolonization of Africa.

 The Embassy has put an exhibition photographs related to important events from Bapu’s life as well as his messages which are relevant in the contemporary world in front of the Embassy of India, Tsaralalana.

The celebration of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi will continue till 2nd October 2019.