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Ambassador’s Remarks at the States Promotion Event (Antsiranana, 5 December 2023)

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Ambassador’s Remarks at the States Promotion Event

(Antsiranana, 5 December 2023)

Secretary General of Diana Region H.E. Mr. Tilahizandry Niaina Angelo

Prefect of Antsiranana H.E. Mr. Mananjara Lucien

President of Chamber of Commerce of Madagascar Mr. Laou-Po Wing Wilfrid

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Namaste, Good afternoon and warm greetings on behalf of the Embassy of India in Antananarivo. I am glad to visit the beautiful city of Antsiranana and to join today’s event aimed at promoting stronger trade and investment linkages between Diana Region and the Indian States of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. I am also glad that this event is taking place during the visit of Indian Naval Ship “Sumedha” to Antsiranana Port, which is a reflection of the abiding friendship between India and Madagascar.

2.  As you know in August this year, India celebrated 76th anniversary of its independence. Over the past 76 years, India has achieved a remarkable developmental progress to become the world’s 5th largest economy and its fastest growing major economy. In fact, India is the largest major economy which is geographically closest to Madagascar and particularly to Diana Region. India is also home to the third largest Start-up Eco-system, with more than 100 Unicorns. In recent years, India has emerged as a global leader in Information Technology, Digital Payments, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Renewable Energy etc. During the Covid-19 pandemic, India has not only managed to administer 2.2 bn doses of Covid-19 vaccines to its nationals but also supplied about 300 mn doses of vaccine to more than 100 countries across the world. In August this year, India became the fourth country in the world to successfully land on the Moon and the first to land near Moon’s South Pole. 

3. Now, I would like to briefly describe trade and investment opportunities in the Indian states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala which are geographically closest to Diana Region.

  • Rajasthan is the largest Indian state with an area of more than 342,000 sq km. It has a population of 68 mn and a GDP of about US$ 200 bn. Rajasthan is known for its gigantic forts and palaces, extensive sand desert and rich handicrafts. Rajasthan is a leader in renewable energy accounting for 18 GW of solar power. It is the largest producer of blended fabric and wool and the second largest producer of millets in India. Rajasthan also has large reserves of sandstone and granite.

  • Gujarat is the state from which the people of Indian origin arrived in Madagascar more than 150 years ago. It has an area of about 200,000 sq km, population of 63 mn and GDP of US$ 259 bn. With a coastline of 1600 km and several major ports, Gujarat has been a trade hub for more than 5,000 years. The world’s tallest statue, 182 m tall “Statue of Unity” and the world’s largest office building “Surat Diamond Bourse” are located in Gujarat and the state accounts for 90% of the polished diamonds in the world. Gujarat is a leading producer of petrochemicals and the city of Jamnagar is home to world’s largest petroleum refining hub. Gujarat is a leader in food processing, automobile, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, textiles etc. 

  • Maharashtra has an area of more than 300,000 sq km and 112 mn population. With US$ 425 bn GDP, the state accounts for more than 14% of India’s GDP. Mumbai, the “Financial Capital of India” is home to the oldest stock exchange in Asia and the world’s largest film industry “Bollywood” is based in Mumbai. Two major ports (Mumbai Port and Jawaharlal Nehru Port) handle more than 135 mn tons of cargo annually. Pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, electronics, food processing, automobiles are the major industries in Maharashtra. The state also boasts of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Ajanta, Ellora and Elephanta Caves.

  • Goa, with its scenic beaches, mild weather and friendly culture is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists from all over the world.  It also has a robust presence in agriculture, fisheries, mining, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, Information Technology etc.

  • Karnataka has an area of about 200,000 sq km, population of 64 mn and GDP of more than US$ 300 bn. Karnataka, the “Silicon Valley of India” is the hub for more than 400 multi-national companies. It is the largest software exporter and the largest producer of aerospace and defence equipment in India.  Karnataka is also a land of ancient heritage, rich culture and thriving wildlife.

  • Kerala is one of the most scenic and popular tourist destinations, which is also famous for Ayurvedic therapies and backwaters. It is a significant exporter of coir, spices, marine products, cashew, coffee etc. Kerala boasts of high literacy rate (94%) and high life expectancy (75 years). Kochi city in Kerala has the world’s first fully solar-powered airport.

4. In conclusion, I would like to affirm that as a close neighbor and fellow developing country in the Indian Ocean Region, India desires to see the emergence of Madagascar as a thriving nation. Embassy looks forward to working closely with the Ministries, Chambers of Commerce and other relevant agencies of Diana region to realize the full potential of trade-investment cooperation between India and Diana region. Thank you once again for joining us in today’s event!