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World Hindi Day

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World Hindi Day is being celebrated on 10th January 2016.   An event will be organised on the occasion at 1000 hrs on 10th January 2016 by the Embassy at the Library Hall in its building.  The purpose is to popularise and promote Hindi language here in Madagascar through this event.


2.       The Embassy is inviting all persons and children who knows Hindi from the Indian Diaspora and also Hindi knowing persons, irrespective of their nationality, to participate in the celebration.

 Following will be the program:-

  ·           Display and exhibition of Hindi Books in the Library;

 ·         A competition on “Paragraph writing in Hindi” : Children (up-to the age of 18years) from the Indian Embassy, NRIsPersons of Indian origin and children who know Hindi, irrespective of their nationality, are encouraged to participate and write 10 sentences on the topic of their choice in HINDI.  First three best entries will be rewarded.

 ·        A Competition on “Short speech of 2-minute in Hindi”:  Persons of Indian origin and  NRIs and persons who know Hindi, irrespective of their nationality,  are encouraged to participate and speak for 2-minutes in Hindi on the topic of their choice.   First three best speakers will be rewarded.

 ·        Message of the Honorable Prime Minister will be read by the Ambassador, followed by a brief speech about importance of Hindi in the changed geo-political scenario.

 ·        Refreshment.

All children and elders are hereby encouraged to enthusiastically participate in the event.  Presence of maximum Hindi knowing persons is solicited.