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ICCR Scholarship under Africa SCholarship Scheme: 19 slots for Malagasy and Comorian candidates

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  The Government of India has offered TEN (10) and NINE (09) slots for Malagasy and Comorian candidates respectively through Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) under Africa Scholarship Scheme for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M. Phil./Ph.D and Post-Doctoral Fellowship in various Indian Universities/Institutes. The application form, along with all the relevant details of the scheme, is placed below.  The last date for submission of applications to this Embassy is 20th February 2014.    APPLICANT MAY APPLY DIRECTLY THROUGH THE EMBASSY.

 The knowledge of English is essential for the courses offered under the Scheme. 

The selected candidates would be provided with return economy class air fares to the nearest international airport and Air-Conditioned III Train fare to the place of study, if so required.  Air ticket for journey from Madagascar to India will be provided by the Embassy and return ticket will be provided to the scholar in India.

The applicant should do due diligence & research on the specific admission criteria laid down by the various Universities for each subject, and ensure that they submit all relevant documentation as required by the Universities in addition to the basic certificates mentioned in the application form.  For this, they may refer to the University Hand Book (available in the Embassy)/ University Grants Commission’s website (http://www.ugc.ac.in/) and the institute’s website for eligibility criteria.  In addition, the list of universities where ICCR scholars are usually studying is also available in the ICCR website at www.iccrindia.net, which may also be checked by the applicants.

 Applicants applying for Bachelor of Engineering courses may please ensure that they have studied Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (PCM) in their A level/12th Class Examination, as this is mandatory for Engineering courses.

 No applications will be accepted for Medical/ Paramedical (Nursing)/ Physiotherapy/ anaesthesia, etc.)/ Fashion courses, hence the applicants may please be advised NOT to apply for these subjects/courses.

 Applicants, who would like to pursue science courses, will have to bear the expenditure on laboratory, chemicals and other related incidental charges themselves.

 Applicants should apply only after satisfying themselves that they meet the slated criteria.  Any applicant – (i) not having sufficient proficiency in English, (ii) not a serious student, (iii) having serious health problems; and (iv) not having requisite pre-qualifications as per eligibility criteria for the course and documents SHOULD NOT APPLY.

 Applicants are also advised to go through the instructions and guidelines given in the application form, website of the educational institute, where they wants to study, get themselves aware of the geographical/ climatic/ living condition of the place/area and their suitability to adapt before making up their mind for studying in India. 

          Applicant may approach this Embassy directly with duly completed applications, original educational documents and a certified copy of the same.  Since slots are limited, applicants are requested to approach the Indian Embassy with duly completed application form soonest possible well before the due date [i.e. 20th February 2014].  Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

Application form and related information can be downloaded below.