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Indian navy ships visit to Madagascar

Posted on: October 05, 2019 | Back | Print

As part of the Philanthropic activity, Medical camp as well as community service was organised by 04 Officers, 30 sea trainees and 30 sailors of 1TS Ships at “La Maison d’Arnaud” Orphanage and “Mosquee Mahavokatra” on 03 Oct 19. As a precursor to the medical camp, few lectures and interactive training were undertaken to sensitise the children on basic healthy living habits like importance of hand wash, proper oral hygiene and a healthy diet. This was followed by routine medical examination of all children, screening them for common childhood illnesses in particular malnutrition. Deworming of all children was also undertaken. All girls of adolescence age were given iron and folic acid tablets as part of routine supplementation. First Aid kits were a donated at the orphanage and the supervisors were instructed on the Basics of First Aid. In addition to the all the tasks, minor electrical, plumbing and painting work was also undertaken as part of community service at the orphanage. Ration in kind was distributed to all the inmates at the orphanage.